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Wednesday, 29 July 2015


When in doubt wear red to spicy up your mood, you can also paint the town red as you wish.

This might be the last time to expose legs as the cold gradually creeps in, London weather is now a serious thing. I went out the other day without taking any light jacket or blazer, i returned back home very cold and unsure if i should drink hot tea or coffee to balance back my temperature. ( i asked my self over and over again whey did you go out without jacket) i found the answer. I wasn't thinking straight.  Brace your self winter is closer than you think, to make it worst part is the shops are already displaying coat and jumper. Have you guys already started planing for winter/cold ?

Sunday, 26 July 2015


*STYLE* is the art of how you express your self through what you wear, not the price you pay for fashionable clothes. 
And not all heavy price tag are worth buying!! 

Hello guys. Yesterday girlyyyy outfit.

As a fully grown woman or still growing up as my mum would say, (your 32 teeth are still growing). I am more aware of the beauty of life and appreciate little thing that even cost £5 not particularly designer stuff,
as i get to a certain stage in life, i a very aware of the things i genuinely love, i appreciate the universe more and more on a daily basis.

God i hope this is interesting to someone!

Tuesday, 21 July 2015


If you haven't yet spaghetti your way in this heatwave, you should give it a ago, the heatwave expires soon while the frozen cold await us. Lets skip town in spaghetti style.  

I am sure this is the first time i am actually wearing a full post of spaghetti , correct me if you manager to check my archives for any. I understand the seduction power of wearing  spaghetti, that is if you have a long beautiful tone hands why not wear one every time if the weather permits. That explains why i don't wear one on a regular basis because my hands are not in the main line for it, (roll eyes please) as much as i love to wear one but i feels sometimes uncomfortable or rather semi expose walking on my own on the street. 
I have always admire those perfect body that wears a sexyyy one, am  no Kate moss nor Jada Pinkett Smith. But almost there!!

Sunday, 19 July 2015


Recovering from one of the longest and disastrous week i have experience in a long time, i like to say it is the version of all stuff happening. Today is a good one so lets share what i have been loving and using lately. 

Taking last week pressure off my shoulders, i thought this is a good time to share some of my favourites product i have recently switch to, i have used some of this before and some are new try. You never know what works ( yes my last week was one step to life shattering ). Thank God for his love and strength. 

Bobbi brown eye shadow and concealer:  i have used Bobbi brown product in the past before i discover black up, i have recently switch back again to some of their product. I am mixing and matching it all together, makeup wise this is what i am doing. (whatever works that is good is OK) 

Tom Ford lipstick smoked red: I cannot tell you how much i love this lipstick and how it keeps the lips fresh for a long lasting period, this lipstick is good, it comes with lips sexiness. Most especially when you are going to show off your shining lips on a blind date (good luck), let the lips do the talking i say. 

 The peach box  bangles : i am still over the moon for these beauty, perfectly design hand bangles for every outfit, see their site here  they do cause a lot of attention when i am out and about town wearing both. The accessories they have on their site are always a winner. ( recommended ) 

Thursday, 16 July 2015


Back to hat, back to culottes again, and back to chic. 

Every country and island has their own signature building style. In England, houses here are build and design with little red bricks made from clay of various shapes and length, in artistic style. Some of the Island i have been to in Spain, houses are mainly painted with white paint which give a beautiful definition.  on a particular day i went out around the block trying in Menorca to match my top with the paint of the houses and my culottes with the fence, something i almost achieved looking at these photos.
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