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Do you know that the skin needs around 30% oil to maintain its balance?
I never liked applying oils on my face or skin before now. I didn’t like mixing oils with my creams.

I put to the test some of the best oils in the market. But, do these facial oils live up to their potential? Well, I can tell you that argan oils are proven to be the best so far since I have been mixing with my face and body cream.

Oils are naturally full of vitamins that repair and protect. Argan oils are expensive but, has vitamins A and E, which work to smooth and soften skin.

Facial oils are worth trying out. It’s an extra beauty step to include in your daily beauty routine. I am currently rotating from Argan oil to coconut oil and pure Almond oil.

Good facial oils fight wrinkles, reveal the skin’s natural beauty and nourish the skin at a deep level.

What kind of facial oil should you buy? First, you have to consider your skin type before spending money on any oil.

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