It’s been a while since I did ask me anything post where I answer the questions that I have been receiving, and also talk a little about me.
Before I start answering the questions I have so far, let e informed me views that my new Instagram fashion business page is @sophiaoshodin the other page @thestylegalaxy is now uses as my private page. I hope this a clear because I have received lots of question people asking what happened the old Instagram page.

Question 1: When I am shopping, what colour stands out to me the most?
Answer: I usually walk past colours like grey or camel as these do not really stand out for me. I prefer to pick out bold colours like pink, yellow, orange and red.

Question 2: Since how long have I been blogging what is one thing that keeps me going, how I deal with jealousy and hatred on social media.
Answer: I first opened a blog page around October 2013, and it took me three months to put up my first post which, was in January 2014. So, since 2014, I have been blogging non-stop.
One thing that keeps me going is my faith and prayers.
On social media, I try not to pay attention to the hateful comments and never compare myself to another blogger who has more than me or who is bigger in this business of fashion blogging.
Question 3: What is the secret to growing a new Instagram page?
Answer: Engaging with other people is the way to beat the Instagram algorithm. Whenever I am online, I try to engage with my followers, and I also use hashtags to get discovered. At the moment I am noticing significant growth on my new page.

Question 4: You have not been posting a collaboration post?
Answer: I am at a position where I have creative control over my blog post, and Instagram post, I no longer accept collaboration that does not fit my niche because I want to feel belong. I am all about the authenticity of my business and not following crowds.

Question 5: What camera do you use for your photography?
Answer: I use Nikon D500 and D5500.

In the next coming post, I will answer any other new questions that I get.
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