Continuing from this post here where I talked about all things 2019. If you have been following my blogging journey and how I have been reflecting on the right, and wrong of 2019, today’s post is another update, and honestly, I am ashamed to even share this here.

This is hard to admit that I do not like asking people for help. Yes, I said it.
One of the reason is the fear of rejection and the humiliation if I cannot meet up to the expectation of the terms and condition. As you know, nothing is free in this world. As a result, the need for me to learn how to do things myself is neverending.

Personally, I don’t take humiliation very well this is something, that does hit me so hard to a point I find it difficult to recover from. Two years ago, before all the algorithm changes and all of that.

I was getting good collaborations deals, and I started to consider quitting my day job to go into fashion blogging full time. But, the fear of asking those bloggers who blog full time how they did it consume me, so much that I gave the plan up and then Instagram algorithm changes, collaboration request reduce, and so on.

It’s a good thing. I haven’t quit my day job. I have heard and read how bloggers blog full time as their day jobs and still wonders how?

Well, perhaps some of my readers might be happy to share more light on that. Trust me I have done my research and found out that some bloggers are not saying it like it is, they are exaggerating the whole thing, correct me if I am wrong.

Anyway moving on, this look was shot last Sunday in the middle of a busy day in Covent Garden in London, the fact that Covent Garden is my favourite place to visit every Christmas because of how interesting their festive decoration looks.

Most London streets are beginning to look lots like Christmas so, I thought of updating the blog with some Christmas vibes.

Happy holidays all.

Jumper | From Yoox
Skirt and hat | TKmaxx
Sunglasses | Asos
Boots | Zara
Coat and Bag | Tkmaxx


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