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Everything a short skirt should be!Adding the perfect accessories in a stylish way.A short skirt for plenty of bare legs exposure, the only time a mini skirt get a little dress up is when the weather is not in the winter state of mind. Come on, London weather do your worst, we know you are the shit of shit weather! Como on, surprise me now. I already wore my short skirt flashing legs in Barbados a place where summer lives all year round. (rolling eyes) Where the hell is my emoji? Am still finding it hard to adjust back to reality in…


May 14, 2016 admin

Making my own mark in Mark and Estel dresses.  Hey guys!Today I want to show you dresses I wore from Mark and Estel collections.I wore both dresses last week for a little outing running around town, i love the cool material and the overflowing style is just fab.I don’t have any other dresses that overflow with these amount of extra length in my wardrobe, but I always love to try out something new.Hope you all are having a great weekend!Shop these dresses here at Mark and Estel site 


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A design carefully craft to meet modern day style. Modern day furniture I and Jennifer recently visited furniture showroom in London to see some of their modern cutting edge design, while I was taking these photos, I felt like moving my things in straight away. My overall experience was great. Lovely selected crafts combine with an idea of the present, I love the different moods and textures, Some of the colourful furniture I saw, I was like, look at that beautiful set. is a leading edge design of various furniture. Jennifer and I are already thinking of our home redecoration…


August 12, 2015 admin

When we first see something timeless.We see elegance.We see the beauty that capture it all. That is why Daniel Wellington is striving for perfection to make every watch complement your outfits.A few days off work gives me the opportunity to run around in heels and pose like a model, while short dress was an affair in a leg flash moves. I have tried to do everything humanly possible not to expose too much bare legs and flesh, but this particular dress was love at first sight.I did not consider the amount of semi  exposure of everything including boobies. During the photo…


July 5, 2015 admin

If you are a fan of arm candy or into the blink, trying to decide your perfect modern style bangle for that outfit or any occasions. You are just in luck. Let’s talk about this exclusive arm bangle for all situations.                     Happy Sunday all. I am still trying to adjust to my normality since I got back, one thing for sure I will be back to my workspace station tomorrow Monday. (i missed my holiday, crying face) , Did I forgot to say a happy new month of July ? Blame it…


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                                                                   EDITORIAL POSTThis post is long overdue, a big thank you to Vlisco team for sending me this beautiful prints. I have been a huge fan of Vlisco since i was a young child, my mum have various Vlisco veritable hollandais real wax print, Some of my mum collection are limited edition she bought 20 years ago, she still lock them up in her wardrobe for her special…


February 28, 2015 admin

                                                                            EDITORIAL POSTI was recently hosted at one of London finest Italian restaurant Gigi”s Mayfair located near Bond street station. See their site here. If you have been following me on instagram @sophialastyle you must have seen so many photos of different food, from various restaurant around London. As much as i love cooking i also love to dining out too. Most importantly i always look…


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I am always excited to share beautiful news with you all. As i typed  this article from my living room , watching NCIS Los Angeles. After a busy week of work and running around for meetings and other stuff, it feels good to relax my little legs!!.Let me introduce you to one of my new clutch bag collection from A special thanks to Bukola for this beautiful clutch bag, very stylish and with a twist of Afro print. Bukola got in touch with me via my Instagram and  i instantly fell in love with all her bag collections ….


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Hello my lovely readers.You will not believe this sexy sweet pink playsuit if from I mean pink is for girls girls and when you dress in all pink Woo. When i open this lovely playsuit i could not believe my eyes, delivery time was perfect so i took it along with me to my holiday hide out in Brighton. I took this pictures in Brighton near the pier. Brighton is a very beautiful place with wonderful location for photographs, so today i did a lot of cat work on the street of Brighton letting everyone see my outfit. I…

COLLABORATIONS Some Orange Vibe + Papellery Jewelry

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What is the vibe of papellery jewelry ? In a word beautiful. I received this beautiful earrings and a bead bracelet from papellery, a hot spot with adorable fashion jewelry.What are you looking for earring ? Hand made beads and more head to their website Here for more affordable look.Talk of taking fabulous bead jewelry to another level. Then you think of papellery jewelry, their product are specially handmade.You need to go their website here and see what am talking about.Get your stylish jewelry from Photos credit  Jennifer RichardThank you so much everyone.xoSophia