style HELLO 2017

January 7, 2017 Sophia

Happy new year!!  Calling all creative minds who understand the fashion industry and are passionate about digital landscape.    Longest time folks!  Happy wonderful new year to you all my readers, i hope you all had a great time with your family. As for me i am looking forward to a fabulous year with beautiful dreams of my turning to reality and good health. I have not had time to update this blog, London weather is too cold and disrespectful for me to takes photos sometimes. This year i hope to make good progress with regular blog update, i am planing…

style COLDER

November 19, 2016 admin 17Comment

Who said life was supposed to be easy? Turn to the next page and just get real with the unthinkable. This cold got the best of me for the last couple of days, it took a while to sink in that winter is here. It’s about times I dance to the tune.Photography by Sophia OshodinCoat ZaraPant and sweatshirt from Heels Christian Louboutin


October 8, 2016 admin 10Comment

What to wear when you miss summer AF* but also appreciate a lovely cool weather, that makes you remember your lines from “Bad Girls Club”.Not the kind of look to wear to an uninvited party nor even an invited one, almost naked? Yep, something like that. Don’t spend all your time hitting the zoom bottom because you are going to see beyond.Not really a mind blowing sheer lace top, I know I have seen people wear worst too and even worst. This top shows body parts- the boobs sets display and wired standing position is not left out, you know?…


September 15, 2016 admin

Now that summer heat wave is in full mood lets enjoy it while it last, winter days ahead. This morning was one of those days that I just can’t be bothered about the best outfit to wear, the weather is freaking hot to wear makeup and look sexy. I throw on a dress and jeans combo, not on so many people fashion or style reader. It works for me because all I wanted was something easy and comfortable. Adding trainers to make my journey quick and smart, I must say trainers are not my thing to wear on an outing. I…


September 11, 2016 admin

One moment life was interesting the next moment it’s fucking sucks. ( It feels good To be back here again) We all have days when we think our life is mess up our reality feels as though we haven’t quite got it all together, and everyone thinks you’re great, except you.People you’ve never met before in your active life, suddenly hug and kiss you as you come to terms if you are going to die or leave. It’s gradually dawning on you that from now until your last day here, every imagination is too close to comfort your movement and speech is…


August 29, 2016 admin

More short dress allowed especially stripes ones. Back to business which I will translate to convincing my absence from blogging that I am using the heat wave as an excuse for not finding time to do proper photo shots. Not a great excused, though! I just can’t function well when its gets too much.Thank God for the freaking summer! Hope you guys understand, I haven’t been updating this digital journey for the past few weeks now. Haven’t said that September is in a few days away, time time time. How do you guys survive the heat? I have had countless of a sleepless…

style RED-RED

August 24, 2016 admin

Ask Sophia About August! A Little hot red dress on a hot sunny day!Let’s really talk about August! I don’t wnt to believe that I am the only one who feels this month of August went by so fast. August and I had a whirlwind romance that went off too quick.Summer last days is here and that means more legs flashing comes into play. I wore this short red dress the other day for brunch in London, as much as I love the dress, unfortunately, I only have a few dress. This particular red dress is my uniform of lately. When I…

style TSG #OOTD

August 22, 2016 admin

Keeping it casual!I have been so busy to a point I have not had the time to blog, this is a quick update, I will be back tomorrow for another post hopefully. Hope you guys are having a great week? Photography by Sophia OshodinHeels Christian LouboutinJeans ZaraTop TkmaxxHatVintage (old)FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM LET’S CHART ON FACEBOOK TWEETS AND CONNECT WITH ME ON TWITTER FOLLOW ME ON BLOGLOVINSEE MORE ON TUMBLER HYPE MY LOOK ON LOOKBOOKMY SNAP CHAT @THESTYLEGALAXY 


August 5, 2016 admin

Striking a pose in my favourite culottes!Happy Friday guys, wishing you all a lovely weekend.FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM Let’s chart on Facebook Tweets and connect with me on Twitter Follow me on bloglovinSee more on Tumbler Hype my look on LookbookMy Snap chat @thestylegalaxy 


July 31, 2016 admin

Personal style in off shoulder movement!Happy Sunday guys, If you have seen some of my Instagram recent posts, you already know from my exhibit A caption that I had one hell of a tough week.I am glad everything turned around over the weekend. I am feeling that feeling of super blessed. Now I am so ready for what this new month of August has in store.It is not an easy task to be responsible for building one’s future, For a single lady juggling life and family from point A to point B, things can get a little too much and tiring…