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Carbonated Soft Drink Filling Machine
DCGF series gas beverage filling machine series washing, filling, capping, filling, sealing the bottle, can contact time, the material with the outside world, improve health conditions, production capacity, economic benefits. Mainly applicable to the Coca-Cola, Pepsi Cola, Sprite, Fanta carbonated beverage filling. The filling machine excellent design, manufacturing precision, strong function, simple operation, high degree of automation, is currently the most reliable, carbonated beverage filling machine is the most advanced.
The scope of application:
Polyester bottle (PET) and glass bottle of fruit juice, fruit juice, tea beverage production. The main products such as Huiyuan Juice, Kata Boryocha etc..
Product features:
Contact with the material of the part use 304/316 high quality stainless steel material. Surface polishing or sandblasting, sealing materials for rubber or EPDM material three
Adopt the programmable controller as the center control, use the pressure transmitter, electromagnetic disorderly pneumatic servo measurement level, keep filling pressure balance to ensure the stabilization of the liquid level.
New filling valve designed for plastic bottle. Separation of gas and liquid filling cylinder to ensure clean, filling material
The magnetic clutch cap advanced, torque adjustable. Screw the cover is safe and reliable.
The design and engineering of the whole plant
Baird Corp to design our, manufacturing chain, air composition of production system complete with the host. The various departments of medium speed and high-speed automatic bottling line process control, according to the real-time environment of the factory, to achieve dynamic balance adjustment. Container is reduced wear and artificial consumption, increase the efficiency of the whole line.
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