Hello from breezy London, where everyone is gradually losing the summer days, and preparing for a more cooler weather as the year goes faster than I imagine (I am asking my self what have I achieved so far in 2018) it is that time of the year of “goals review” it is the question of what has gone well and wrong so far-it is mind bugging-the usual thought, while going through the list of to do. Get to it: 25 lists long, Sophia quotes “failing at something means you are trying to achieve something” more importantly, no amount of rushing, racing against time, competing with destiny, or avoiding failure, has been able to save me from feeling like game over.

Help a sister out here.

Where you all at with achieving your set 2018 goals?

I have tried fast track to goals achieving and it didn’t work, perhaps I was not as fast as 2018.

 I have always thought my goals scale “is too ambitious”.

I thought of sharing this today on this platform.

Meanwhile, Winter is fast approaching, December is almost here, Happy Holidays in advance. Life commitment is the same as always, high goals set, wanting family happiness, buy more high heels, cinderella dress, “girls gossip about boys” and keep the struggles going – usually followed by failure is not on the yearly resolutions list.

In all relevant, this post is my late mid-year personal article on “personal performance”, while I have already filter Google search on “How to achieve life goals with DIY methods like a pro” and most significantly, I found “How to become a millionaire overnight”. 
Fortunately, I know that is not possible (or something that will NOT happen tonight), so I have resolved back to continuous hard work as I was done before, I have promised myself to worry less about achieving the life ultimate goals.


“failing at something means you are trying to achieve something”.

The real note here is, it is ok to fail, it is ok to still have a long list of un-achieved things. Life is a long road full of potholes, social media over perfect images tell us that everything is supposed to be perfect, pictures sometimes does not actually tell us the story behind closed doors.

But honestly, It’s been a good year so far, many more great days ahead. It is still possible to achieve the rest goals.

The difference between success and failure is marginal. To be honest there are many people out there who have ticked all the boxes on their goals list and still not happy.


Jumpsuit here,  the white shirt hereheels here,  bag here. 



PHOTOGRAPHY // by Jide JJ Smith


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