Thank you all for the amazing responses I got from the previous post here, the fact that a lot of people related to the issues of shopping for no reason and the importance of restyling old clothing.

So, from now till the year ends, I will be reflecting on the wrong and right turns I took in 2019. Like today’s post, I am reflecting on letting people who don’t have any value to your life go.

It was a hard one for me. I felt like I was walking into the unknown, and had so many what-if moment, meltdowns, panicked and frankly I did not know my own strength. 

For example, a particular family member who was helping me with something this year gave up on me when I least expected it. The painful part is I was even paying for this person services and at the same time begged for it like a child.

I sat down one day and had a conversation with myself to let everything go and take my chances with strangers who would treat me well if I paid for the same services. As I said, I had a meltdown and thought I would not be able to do it on my own. This decision to let go and move on was one of the best things i did this year.

Glory! Glory! Glory. I am someone who likes to hang on to things, but, now I am learning the hard way. It is good to have a clear boundary between what is adding value to your life and what is causing you unhappiness. PERIOD.

As my friend at work would say, Control your happiness, alternate your vibes and deletes the bad ones. Now, I am speaking in computer language. Ctrl-alt-del.

I AM THINKING ABOUT 2020 I hope it will be full of blessing, good decisions making, better opportunity and a brighter way forward out of difficult situations.

This is the second part post, from this post here.

Coat, hat, waist bag and jumper | Tkmaxx

Shoes | Christian Louboutin 

Sunglasses | Tkmaxx


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