Happy New Year once again everyone!
I hope you all had a fabulous holiday and settling into 2019 with style.

First thing first, thank you all so much for the New Year wishes.
I have taken a second to sit back and reflect on what I ticked off from my to-do list of 2018 I am still working on that.

Back to blogging for a short while before I will take a break: This time of the new year is when I think back that I can use Christmas and the New Year holidays as an excuse for the amount of food-drink I have over-consumed in the past two weeks.

Thank God for the New Year.

I often find myself dwelling in disappointment when I set a New Year resolutions that I can’t achieve or understand what I did with the previous year resolutions.

Or worried about which direction the year triumph is going instead I have chosen to set to-do list goals. So here we are in 2019, I do not have a resolution, I still have an unfinished to-do list to go through fro2018.

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