I have never clapped for myself for any reason probably because I thought it would make me feel like a broken record. On so many occasions i have found myself clapping, and celebration other success and those not so successful.

Even with the small wins and progress, I have made so far. I sometimes see things as not successful enough or not big enough to Clap for. But, I have been wrong all along because there is nothing wrong with whispering to oneself “well done for that”.

As I am reflecting on the highs and lows of 2019, this morning when I work up early even though i wasn’t feeling well and I know I could manage to my office and through the day. I stopped for the first time and said to me, myself, well done for how far I have come.

Gone are the glory days of waiting for someone to praise your effort and clap. Looking back at every right, left turns I took in 2019. The small wins, failures and continuous progress that I have made. I have come so far and am proud of me. Giving up is not an option.

So, if you are reading this post clap for yourself, be proud of how far you have come. See this pose here and here.

Blazer from| Tkmaxx
Shoes | Christian Louboutin
Pants| Cosstore
Sunglasses | Tkmaxx


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