Summer is showing off so fast forward to autumn season for preparations. This morning I went out as per usual without any jacket thinking the hot summer is here to stay. I quickly went back indoors to wear a jacket, that’s it for summer.

London weather is changing fast so, I have started cleaning my coats, and getting my jumpers ready. So when this weather gets more serious hopefully, I would have completed my fall preparations.

This skirt I wore here is one of my fall favourites skirt due to the thickness and can stand cold for good. It’s on sales here on Yoox site.

Fall being one of my favourite time of the year because I get to wear many layers and drink tea non-stop.

My tips to getting ready for fall:

1, wash your coats and check which ones stay, goes to eBay or charity store.

2, add a few new jumpers, I do this every year because washing machine spoils most of my jumpers.

3, repairs the heels of your boots, this method brings my boots back to life, especially when I don’t want to buy new ones.

4, scarfs, hats and hand gloves i keep them somewhen easy to grab on my way out.

5, I would usually select the summer clothes that I can layer and wear in fall.


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