The love week is nigh.

I have had a fair share of past frail freaks romance, such as the stroppy never charming. In translation wobbly jammed situation, rolling in the deep relationships.

Reaching a fever pitch of jollity and scaling new heights of a peaceful mindset. Staying outside the “box of a relationship status” that can be bloody stressful, I’m now living passionately without paying too much emphasis on the failures of what, not in life pre-this day.

But seriously, I love it.
I love me.
And you know what? call it ladydom. 

As much as all my women squad belligerent conversation on how I have missed out on the dutiful on motherhood and embracing being Mary Jane, not so similar lifestyle. This speaks volumes of their low-quality attitude toward their fellow human.

Before girls became women, wife, mothers, they were once on a lonely planet. Fuck the creepy opinionated friends who are not worthy to be called friends.

I know what my minds speak when I inhale happiness. 
One moment in time
A reminder, I am in my lane. 

Sophia Oshodin

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