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What I love about the fall season is the cooler weather. I get to sleep well at night without worrying about heath or night time fan or staying up till late, I love the fact that I can cosy up in my PJ with a cup of tea. I am a major tea lover, I pretty much drink tea all year round.

Another thing I love about this season of wearing coats and colourful jumpers. Layering up everything is another favourite thing I love about the cooler season.

Reading: I tend to stay indoors when the weather starts getting cold and catch up with books and a novel I like to read. Summer is a difficult time to stay at home, I have so much going on in the summertime, so I hardly do any reading.

Relaxing: summer and relaxation don’t always go as I have previously planned, I have tried this so many time and things just get in the way of life, however, I tend to relaxed more during fall and winter time.



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