Look who is back…
If you have been keeping up with me on the Gram, you would have noticed that I have been away for some time now visiting Malaga in the south of Spain.

I needed a break after working myself flat out and am glad I had an amazing time with my very good friend Ian Anderson who we both went together, I am recharged and hopefully not ready to switch back to reality.

I have been to other parts of Spain but it was my first time in Malaga, I highly recommend it.

Here are all in one photo from Malaga and the is the list of 10 things we did while in Malaga, see the photo and description below.


First and second places to see – Alcazaba and  Roma outdoor theatre.

Photo number 1 with yellow culottes and photo number 2 of Roma outdoor theatre from (the 16th century), Was taken inside Alcazaba near Roma outdoor theatre.

The Alcazaba and Roman outdoor Theatre’s historical value make them two of the city’s must-sees, both are close to each other. Should you wish to go further the path also leads to the Castle of Gibralfaro.


Photo 3 and 4 third place to visit is the busy shopping street in Malaga. 

The street is very pretty for photo shoots, but it is also a busy shopping high street where you can find so many wonderful items. Including many high street brands and high-end product.

Photo 5, 6 and 7 is the fourth place to see in Malaga is the new port

From our hotel room, we got a great view of Malaga’s port which is one of the oldest ports in the world and, also one of the most important cruise ship terminals in Spain. Various cruises stop and take off on a regular basis.

Photo 8 and 9 is The Cathedral of Málaga the 5th  place to see in Malaga 

Talk about all things from the 16th century, this is an Iconic national landmark you cannot miss and it is very easy to find, the Cathedral is close to Alcazaba and the Castle of Gibralfaro.

Photo 10 Main road near the park and photo 11 of me wearing a skirt and white top is the photo from Malaga park, the 6th  place to see in Malaga.

This is one of my favourite places to walk along! The park is Luxurious vegetation with a small oasis of shadow and close to the town centre, you can find botanical gardens, fountains and sculptures, making it an important landmark in thé city.

Photo 12 and 13 the Picasso museum in Malaga is the 7th  place to visit.

With more than 200 collections of artistic works by the world-famous painter and sculptor Pablo Picasso. The Picasso museum in Málaga is the city where artist Pablo Ruiz Picasso was born, lots of interesting 19th-century sketches of landscapes, cubist impressions and modern 20th-century art.

This is highly recommended.

Photo 14 and 15  Malagueta beach and roasted fish restaurants are the 8th places to visit.

For sandy beaches, a short walk from town backed with many seafood restaurants, with a playground and rental for a sunbed to build sand castles.
We had a big roasted fish in a restaurant near the beach and was so full up that the next day I felt bad!

Photo 16 and 17  We took a day trip to Alhambra palace in Granada the 9th places to visit.

The Alhambra is a palace and fortress complex located in Granada, Spain. It was originally constructed in AD 889 on the remains of Roman fortifications and were renovated and rebuilt in the mid-13th century. It was converted into a royal palace in 1333 after the conclusion of the Christian Reconquista in 1492. ( see more here)

“The most exquisite visit to one of the greatest places on earth. A fascinating adventure into the 13th century with amazing detailed Arabic architecture. This place is the real history”!

The 10th thing to do in Malaga, take a street photo next to the yellow postal box. I find the colour very interesting as yellow is one of my favourite colour.

Last photo of me wearing a white dress standing next to a yellow postal box.





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