A place famous for its wine hub, a beautiful city in the southwestern France a must place to see.
It’s known for its wine, beautiful mansions, museums and lots of gardens open to the public curving through river quays. Transportation is super easy with The Bordeaux tramway network serving around the city daily.


The beautiful grand Place de la Bourse, centred on the Three Graces fountain, overlooks the Miroir dau reflecting pool opposite. This is one amazing place to take an endless photograph. Miroir des Quais in Bordeaux is the world’s largest reflecting pool, covering 3,450 square metres, the reflection is simply stunning.

Lots of shopping centre and a very buzzing city full of tourist, many places to visit for explorations, many wine shops and bar. Bordeaux is glamorous French city that should be on anyone places to visit list.

See some of the photos I took hope you enjoy it.

At the remnants of medieval Bordeaux, the Grosse Cloche. Big Clock


I took this photo as the tram was about to move. 

This photos I took from a wine tasting we went to one morning.

A photo of my shoes sitting at the centre of Bordeaux.

 Photo from  the Museum of Beaux-Arts 

Some of my shoe collection that I wore while in Bordeaux.

A photo I took in the hotel lobby.

Street photo putting my bag on top of a block stop.

A tortoise photo I took while exploring around.

This photo is from the wine farm.

On my way to the wine tasting.

I took this street art photo with a grumpy carrot.

The first photo I took on my arrival at a shopping mall.

A photo of orange with my bag on the side.

Another photo from the museum.

A photo of a boat I took while walking around.


A dinner photo, say yummy.

Sitting in a public park 

Standing in front of Le Grand Théâtre

I could not resist the urge to take a photo in front of the grumpy carrot.

I took this photo at the Pont de Pierre (Stone Bridge)

A photo I took at the hotel waiting for the escalator.

At the Museum of Beaux-Arts 


10 things to do in Bordeaux

Take lots of amazing photos, create memories.

Visit the museum, the experience is amazing and the paintings are beyond

Go for wine tasting tours

Take the public Tram

Vist Esplanade des Quinconces, this is in central Bordeaux

Visit the Le Grand Théâtre

Visit Place de la Bourse, this is a must.

Visit Basilique Saint-Michel, there is a local market there too.

Visit the Pont de Pierre Stone Bridge

Visit Grosse Cloche, there is a big clock there.


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Photography by Sophia Oshodin

More photography on my Instagram page @thestylegalaxy



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