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Hello once again!

 I have been away in Rome taking a break from life hustling. 

Back to business as usual.

Rome. The cosmopolitan city, the colourful architecture display, the Ancient Colosseum that evokes the power of the history of the Roman Empire, Vatican City, St. Peter’s Basilica full of unique details and the Vatican Museums, which house some of the world cornerstone work of High Renaissance art such as the details of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel frescoes.

Rome’s history dated back to 28 centuries which I found a deep appreciation for as a status of a global city today and its beauty is sedative.

I first fell in love with Rome architecture as soon as I arrived in the city. I also noticed the historic attraction sites are not too far from each other not only that its a walking distance.

A few tips when in Rome:

1. Get a map or ask the hotel you intend to stay to give you one and circle main attractions with a pen as well as your location.

 2. Make sure you pack flats shoes to conquering cobblestones, safety first. 
Rome is a busy city the roads, are packed full of people no time to drag your feet in heels. 

 3. Be vigilant when in a crowded public tourist attraction.

 4. The food is good, and you will find many restaurants in every corner. Be careful of restaurants with no price list on their menu as you could be ripped off and get unexpected bills. 

5. You won’t find many Mcdonalds in the city the easiest one is very close to the Spanish Steps, stand opposite the steps and walk to the right-hand side, start looking on your left you will find it. We saw it by chance.  

6. Add blazer and jackets to your clothing as the weather changes in the evening.



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