It’s a new week baby so, am back.

I am back to London and, back to reality.

Rovinj in Croatian is a beautiful place to visit. I had a great time there, and frankly, I need to win another lottery soon so i can continue this holiday adventure or better still get myself a “sugar daddy”, hahaha hahaha. I mean, who doesn’t want to go on holiday all year round?

Rovinj is in the west coast of Croatian the Istrian peninsula. It was my first time in Croatia we stayed in a 5-star hotel called Lone Hotel Rovinj with our private pool. I ate lots of fish and vegetables and had a lovely time there.

This holiday was mainly for relaxation and to unwind from the stress of London and my hectic schedule from the last month.

I must say Croatia is a beautiful place and I would highly recommend it if you are looking for holidays spot to visit. Rovinj is beautiful, calm. I did not witness any dram or hear any bad news while I was there. It’s a pretty safe place.

Here are some of the things you should know before visiting Rovinj in Croatia:

1, Currency: Croatia does not use Euros, they have their own currency called Kuna.

2, Things are pretty cheap, I say that in a small voice.

3, You can take a 3hrs boat ride from Rovinj to Venice.

4, All the restaurants have a similar menu if not the same!

5, You can go on a boat ride and see the island in full view. We took one risky boat ride.

6, Visit the Colosseum in pula. Did you know that there is another colosseum in Croatia build by the Romas Empire? History history. See my photos from a day trip to Pula.

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