As suggested by a fan on IG, how do I find a good location spot for photography in London?

Here are my tips and some new location to take photography you didn’t know about:

Location 1. Hyde Park Centra London:

The photo above was taken on a busy summer day in 2017 in Hyde Park centre. Hyde Park is one of London main tourist destinations for all things photos, however, you can find some quiet spots that are less crowded to take photos.

Location 2, Olympic Stadium Stratford: this is one on my quiet favourite spot to take photos and change so many times. There is a free changing room to use in case of changing outfits.
The photo above I took in front of the main Olympic stadium, I highly recommended this spot.

Location 3, Greenwich University: this is another popular photography and Hollywood film spot. Some part of the university might be free for a private photo shoot, however, if you have a standing tripod you might be asked if you have a permission to take photos. I am speaking from experience.

Best day for a photo shoot is weekend.

Location 4, Trafalgar Square: not my strongest location for a photo shoot because there are so many tourists who are trying to enjoy their holiday. So it is a difficult spot if you want a photo with no crowd in the background.

As you can see from the photo 4, there are cares and people in the background.

Location 5, O2 London: this is one of my easy photo locations to use due to the location been close to where I live in London. It can be very busy on a weekend because of shows at the O2 arena, but you can find a quiet spot to take photo shoot non-stop.

Location 6, Oxford Street: If you are familiar with Oxford street walk down the small street of the main high street, there are so many super cool photo spot, like for example, if you like a door as your background or expensive house as the backdrop. This is your spot. I took photo no 6 on one of the streets near Bond-street.

Location 7, St Katharine Docks: this is one of the unknown photo spots in London, I love the backdrop of the boats behind me. I highly recommend this location because the photo you takes here are like holiday location photos.

You can change at a local restaurant.

Location 8, Tower Bridge: As much as I would have loved to have the big tower Bridge background on my photos, I have tried so many times and failed due to crowd problems.
Photo no 8, was another attempt for me to do a shoot, but the crowd wasn’t having any of that blogger photo drama. As you can see people kept on walking in front of me, behind me and on my side too. It became clear to me that I have to come up with a plan for any photo shoot in front of Tower Bridge.

Location 9, Convent Garden: is a popular photo spot for a fashionista, tourist and everyone. It can be quite busy too, but the location is good. With so many shops and building, you can use as a background.

Location 10, South Bank Centre London: one of my recently discovered spot to take a photo that I just can’t get enough. You will find the yellow background among other backgrounds in Southbank Centre.
This location is perfect because of so many changing rooms inside the centre. I highly recommend it.


Location 11, Pontoon Dock: one of my secret locations when I have the entire park to my self, here I mainly take my tripos for a self-shot. Highly recommended because there is space, no crowd issue and lovely background you can use a backdrop.

Location 12, Westfield shopping centre in Stratford: the right time to take a photo here is on a weekend between 9 and 11.30am, less no crowd and stores have not opened the till at that time.

I took the no 12 photo on a weekend morning as you can see from the background there now no one passing.




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