I have always been in high spirit whenever Christmas is approaching. My happiness is like that of a child who is expecting a gift from Santa, that is the reason why my Christmas tree is always put up in early November, (wink, wink). I have spent this weekend putting finishing touches to this year Xmas tree, and it will be up all the way until the end of January 2019.

I love everything Christmas. However, I have a zero tolerance for some shops that start displaying Christmas items in August-September.

Seriously, its hard work to put up Christmas tree.

But, I love the light and glitters, sending out cards and gift.

The festive season is something my family celebrated since I was young and, somehow I have kept the same level of spirit every year. I like my turkey, sitting up the table and eating till I drop.

I don’t like to work on Christmas day or anything like that, that is the only day a year I eat myself out, drink champagne non-stop until I fall asleep. Whenever I wake up, I repeat the same routine till 10 pm. I usually skipped dinner a day to Christmas to maximise my stomach capacity.

Life is too short not to enjoy and appreciate the festive season, considering the current political climate across the globe.

Merry Christmas in advance if you are reading this.

Do you like Christmas? If yes, how do you celebrate it?


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