It’s almost 2019 and of course, this year has been good so far but is coming to an end with the question of what have I achieved?

I am not going to say I have achieved anything significant this year, but the fact that I am alive is enough crown of happiness for me to wear. First and foremost, I am breathing free air and looking forward to what tomorrow holds.
I am happy with the small achievement like moving into a new apartment, changing my job role earlier this year, I am grateful for the things and plan that did not work out as I thought.

Those are the little stuff I can say I achieved.

Hoping to do better again.

The conversation of achievements and breaking new grounds.
I for one would have wished for a better ray of light especially how I have navigated so many challenging situations this year.

So, here I will say, as we approached the end of this year, congratulations to everyone who made it. Even if you have nothing to celebrate or think you did not achieve anything special, every little achievement count.

Now let’s talk about this pink dress.

For the longest time, this is the one pink dress that found me.
Wearing colour in this fall season is vital for me, colours for Fall/Winter 2018 brings out the individuality, and style creativity. Some of the runways colours I saw this year are dazzling.




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