Yes! Yes! Yes!. We made it into the new year. Happy 2020 to you all, I hope you had a great time.

2020 is going great so far. I am praying and hoping to make great progress in so many areas that I have goals sets and to also work on sone 2019 goals set that I did not manage to finish. Hence why I titled this post RUMOURS OF HOPE.

I don’t have any resolutions as I know it is a trap. Sitting a list of goals that I have a practical chance of achieving is the way to make real progress.

This year I am looking forward to collaborating with other bloggers in London, and I hope to revive my youtube page at some point. Also, I am hoping to do things outside of my routine for a change.

Whatever you have planned for this new year I hope all your dreams and aspiration come true.

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