Still on that happy new year ring tone! Happy new year Boo….

Let’s talk all things creepy fashion, restyling again and not buying what you don’t need.
Brace your self-boo as you are about to learn that 2018 is the year of saving and finding new styling tips and inspirations from all corners, this new season is going slightly in the direction of restyling what you have again, again and again. Except you have a special girly invite for the Oscars you can start a new shopping ring it everywhere. (good luck on that)

For me, I have been blogging for a while now and one thing I have figured out is, it is not a paid job or anything like that, I have always and will always restyle outfits in various style and combinations. I don’t always go out to shopping for new outfits.

If you are thinking how on earth am I going to find new inspirations and tips for styling, managing your blog to keep you readers coming for more, I have made a list of 2018 blogs to find inspirations from.

1, Elle her blog is full of inspiration for style tips, blogging and the understanding fashion business. Visit the link above to see for your self. She is definitely on the 2018 bloggers to watch list.

2, Luna Her blog is one of the inspiring blogs I have picked for 2028, her style tips and inspiration makes her stand out from the crown. Visit her link for more.

3, Yoyo I remember when she first lunch her blog, the blog I snow full of fashion inspirations and business of fashions.





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