Instagram has ruined traditional Fashion Blogs

The conversation is Instagram:
It has become more difficult to get blog traffic as so many people would only like to see the cake on Instagram. I have been noticing a decline in my blog views and traffic for some time now, and have invested in SEO as well as learning Search engine optimisation tricks, it’s costly and time consuming with a good result. Unfortunately, people still prefer to see the post on Instagram.

My readers have gradually dispersed to Instagram post only. (Sad truth)

Long Blog Post:
Writing a detailed post which nobody is going to read is painful and time-consuming. I am choosing to manage my time wisely.

Visiting Other Blogs:
A recent visit to some style blogs what I discovered is that some of them have not updated their blog with a fresh post in the last one year. However, these bloggers are actively posting on Instagram. I asked myself what happened to the blog you own? (Instagram blows happened).

The way bloggers share contents have long changed to meet the demands of who owns the best Instagram page.

Brands, on the other hand, have contributed to Instagram post only.
I remember the days when brands used to ask for blog views and unique page visitors. Those days are over. Now all brands want to know is how many Instagram followers do you have? This question has been repeated in nearly every email I have received from brands. (This is what promoting brands are all about)

Well, Instagram has already proven its worth interns of generating sales and instant click.

Have you notices a decline in your blog views?

The dynamic is shifting.

The current internet landscape on fashion blogging is changing. 

Traditional blogs are fading away.

There is a new world on social media, mainly Instagram.

Now, you can vent your spleen.

Instagram has ruined traditional Fashion Blogs Instagram has ruined traditional Fashion Blogs Instagram has ruined traditional Fashion Blogs

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