Today I am talking about the business of fashion blogging with three from many mistakes made.

Honestly, I made more than 10 various mistakes.
For new style bloggers out there, you can do better.

1, Camera Equipment: I did not invest money in any good camera or equipment, it took a while for me to understand that photography means a lot to the business of fashion blogging. In the beginning, my photos were not great, they were just ok.

Quick tip, find a good camera to use or use your phone if it takes quality pictures, consider investing in a long-term camera. Alternatively, make new friends with another blogger when does have a good camera and agree to take each other photos. You can also learn photography and do self-shooting, I do this a lot. Last resort considers paying someone to take your photos.

2, Photo Editing
This is something I did not take very seriously when I first started blogging, I use to post my photos straight from the small cameral that I was using. Another thing I remember I was not shooting in RAW. GToday I have asked my self so many time WTF was I thinking.

Quick Tip, research for photo editing software that is easy to use, consider using Lightroom, PicMonkey, Vsco and after light for mobile phones mainly Instagram photos.

3, Blogging and Brand goals
Honestly speaking I did not have any set goals as to what I want to achieve about fashion blogging or if it will continue to be a digital corner for rant and ramble.

Tip, take a pen and paper write why you started blogging and set your goals for the next one year. What do you want from blogging? This is a big question to ask your self.



I made more than 10 various mistakes.

This 3 list is just a few”. 


“Remember your blog

is your brand invest time in it!”




Top from TSGSHOP  see this one here 

Pants from Zara old

Heels Christian Louboutin

Bag Chanel Le boy



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