Today on ThestylegalaxyBlogTip section we are talking about the positive impacts of fashion blogging in your life.

1, Becoming a better writer:
For fashion bloggers who write their own blog post whenever a new blog post is uploaded and haven’t employ anyone to help with the writing. Well done for all your hard work, go back to your previous post from the time you started and see how it was compared to what it is now. You can tell the level of writing improvement and the creativeness with your style of writing.

2, Learning something new every time: Blogging is like a self-taught school where you learn how to update and edit your own website like a professional and also gain more knowledge on the latest fashion trends.

3, Good photography skills:
This one is an ongoing self-training course the positive impact is you can keep updating your photo editing skills to the next level. Seriously, when I looked back at my old photo of when I first started blogging and compared to now I just laughed for real. The bad lighting and everything in between.

4, Business Venture:
I have read so many magazines, online links and watched interviews about fashion bloggers turning their blogs into a business venture. Many do this through collaborating, selling advert space etc. Many fashion bloggers have already turned their online blog into a full-time business venture.

5, Making new friends and meeting new people: Either via your blog or social media channels, getting to interact with someone who shares the same interest with you is exciting and fun.

Outfit Details:

Blazer Zara see this and this one here 

Pants from Zara see this here

Heels Christian Louboutin So Kate 120mm check this and see this here and here 

White shirt old from TKmaxx this one



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