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Nothing is more exciting than taken time off to blogging to reload and come back refreshed with new strength and enthusiasm for another day, it feels good to be back again.

Fashion months is here, I am looking forward to seeing all the best dress and many style inspirations on the runway. I am not attending any shows this year as I have not really planned anything.

If I was to attend this LFW here is my preparation tips.

1. Wear something smart and colourful, stay away from killer heels that will make you slower. Fashion week can be crazy and busy, you need to keep moving to the next show and so on.

2. Uber comes in handy most especially if you are not used to venue location and reading map in the middle of nowhere, make sure your Uber account is running well and also plan your journey ahead.

3. Stay calm, fashion week can be intimidation somehow! Let me explain if you are not a famous fashion blogger that everyone knows on Instagram you won’t get a lot of attention. So stay calm and remain confident.

4. If you want to get spotted by a street style photographer? Make sure you wear something that makes you stand out from the crowd. Look for something in season and do a good combination of colours.




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