Capturing the perfect photography requires location, lighting, angling and adoring outfits with cynical posing not to even mention a hint of luck from the photo gods. But somehow the final look always ended up not so perfect-a perfect photo is what every photographer strive for time and time again. But when an interrupted photobombing from an unexpected angle happens, everything becomes messed up. Should I delete the photo? Of course. Take another one? Perhaps. Change location? Sound like a great idea. 

A busy background has a defined reality aspect of style, rather than stage look.

No stage look.

When myself and my sister Jennifer first started taken photography when I newly launched this blog a couple of years ago, It took us time to understand the camera sitting most especially how to blur people out.

Now that I have learned a lot about photo environment and editing tricks, I can say don’t let photobomb delay your photography or photo shoots.

Tips, 1 Blur out the background and let people stay in it.

Tips 2, Stay looking fierce in front of your camera and onlookers.

Tips 3, Embrace the reality of the environment.

And finally, as always, photobombing is not a double-edged sword. It can make a photo stand out great too.



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