I am sure I have only a few white tops in my closet and this one is the most popular on at of all of them, for some reasons I didn’t realise until few days before I put this post together. Whenever I walk into a clothing store the first thing I do is to look or bright colours like yellow, pink and red.

Here are 4 simple steps to style one white in more than 4 ways!

1, White top pretty much goes with any other colour for any occasion. Consider wearing a white top with another bold colour like blue or red it’s a complete style stand out. Like the photo where I wore the white top inside the red dress. Outfit concept weeding occasion or for an event.

2, Personally I consider the first photo with stripe dress too exposed, so I had to wear something that blends with the weather and styling. Consider wearing a white top inside another dress that might e too open, now this depends on the individual choice. This outfit I wore on holiday while sightseeing.

3, The photo where I am doing Tom Cruise flying mission style is a casual look that can be worn with jeans or any pants. Consider styling the same top with any of your favourite jeans and see how the outfit plan out.

4, The outfit with a long print skirt is more of an occasional outfit, I remember the photo concept was to dress for an occasion. Again I style the same white top with a long skirt and it was a perfect match. Consider wearing a white top to mix an occasional outfit like white to inside blazer or insider suit.

5, See this styling here option here with the same white top.


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