What I find interesting when restyling outfits again in today’s fashion glamorous world is that it shows a different creative side of dressing and influence more new ideals wearing clothing (not the internet version)
I have heard that the styling expectations for style bloggers are to display new outfits in every post which gives a false perspective that repeating the same outfit more than once put some bloggers in a different league.

This idea is wrong. The internet is undefeated and has enabled people to perceived some bloggers as “low class”. For simply restyling the same outfit they wore before in a different way. Why others who have never wear the same outfit twice are regarded as high-class bloggers.

We are drowning in a false assumption. The false narrative of over-edited flashing pages-the generation of “the generation that preaches Recycle, repurpose”. With no real interest in wearing the same clothes twice.

I am not saying it is wrong to wear a new outfit every time it all boils down to what you can afford to stay constantly perfect. To restyle the same outfit in many ways influence people to save and mix up their wardrobes again and create something creative.

It is not a big deal if the old outfits are from 5 seasons before this season.

It’s important to have the freedom of restyling, re-creating and influencing recycling.

And for the comments that read “she wore that before”. Why?




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