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BUSTING colour a happening popping topic!

It can’t be the wrong colour mixture. It can no longer be referred to as colour mix match because I will loose my cool on that, mixing colours is what I like to call personal style excellence – not your ordinary everyday average look.

Unto thine own self-styled Galaxy simply true etc, etc.

Dammit, you shall wear busting eye-catching colours like party poppers outside, in style Galaxy recommendation, standout show, seasonal hit, cheesy and specifications. Now, where do you stand on wearing colourful clothes that add sparkles to your mood? 

Answering your burning question from all social media platforms: On a more serious note, I take the time to read all your comments and sometimes respond! 

These colours combinations are so fresh and perfectly paired together and are super chic. (thank you for being an honest super human) In response to Instagram comments. 

I am screaming thank you from the rooftop to the super team that makes all my collaborations flawless.

Thank you!

Photography by Jide JJ Smith

Styling by Sophia Oshodin

Culottes here

Heels here

Top here

Bag here



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