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Get it together in intense colors!


So here I am again with another overdue post, after weeks of silence and life busy schedule such as (growing eyebrows and managing other adult responsibilities), that I had sworn so many times would not happen. Sometimes when the going gets tough and you move to plan B, C to Z. I mean battling with constant cold and never stop running nose. Sophia gets it together now. It’s hard to explain – especially how the cold weather is increasingly unsexy by day – getting rid of this running nose is the last of my winter to-do list before next summer comes.

Back on the styling art

When it comes to dressing for me or styling look-book collaboration for a client, I really do appreciate a sparkle of colours with a little mix of the unexpected. Thank you to the super team that have always support me with the best collaborating styling job ever. I could not be more grateful.





Photography by Jide JJ Smith

Styling by Sophia Oshodin

Top see link here, Heels see this link here Blazer here

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