Fashion trends report of 2019!

Every year some fashionable clothing resurface again and, some have become a movement that does not go out of style.

Corduroy Fashion Trend:

Corduroy trends are not going away any time soon. Corduroy material has been around for a long time and somehow resurface in 2018 from runway styles to high street styles and all shades, these trends will continue to crop up all over the place in 2019. My theory about corduroy trends is do not get rid of yours, restyling, restyling in 2019.

Animal print:
Going wild to the Animal Kingdon of print which has become a yearly fashion statement. From leopard print to snake print has become a strong fashion statement in the fashion industry.

We’re not waving goodbye to animal print just yet because animal print never really went away this new year you will see more of animal print like snakeskin zebra, and leopard.

Velvet trends:

Velvet is enjoying a style skyrocketing as the fabric to see again this year and all season. Velvet has even become celebs new favourite trends to wear. Velvet adds a rich depth to glamour, especially with colours like pink, burgundy and dark blue, all look super luxurious.

What I love about Velvet is the luxurious textile feels, it’s stylish material with an attitude of sophistication.

Chic Straw Woven bag Trends:

Basker bags are a big popular demand, the styling options are endless, and there’s an always a straw bag for any fashionable outfits and style. Basket bag trends! One of my favourite accessories I saw in 2018.

Straw bags are not going away anytime soon they are easy to carry and style. I look forward to seeing the cute ones in 2019.

Tweed Material:

Tweed fashion trends are here to stay in 2019. Tweed is more traditionally known as Scottish clothing, Tweed material has resurfaced and will be big news this year.


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