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Trends, in any season and weather, I have never tried to keep up with what is trendy. For some reason, I have always whispered to myself that I am too slow to catch up with what everybody is obsessing over, however, I do try to wear a piece that I can wear now and into next season and beyond, like this outfit I wore here is not something trendy but did make a polar vortex look chic. A full-on blue ensemble with turtleneck chunky cable knitted sweater is the go-to this Winter.

In the name of being seen as a trendy fashionista, in my opinion, fashion is not just fashion any longer. In a world where rapid changes are introducing daily, the clothes you wear can be trendy regardless of how long you have owned it or brand name.

This is not to say that having everything trends+trendy inside your wardrobe is not a great idea, dressing head to toe with the latest brand release does not solidify a person to be in line with trends. Not everything that is newly introduced in the shop will make it to the trends charts.




Shop this look here, using the link below.


Turtleneck knitted sweater and skirt from Marks and Spencer
Boots Alaia boots
Waist belt bag and sunglasses from http://tsgshops.com/



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