An hour in Nikki beach Marbella I found myself unforgettable alone, lying on a white sandy beach and reverberating the European beauty and freedom of movement .

Apologies for the blog silence ( remember I will always come back to this blog ) , let me thank you all for continue views and supports. Am back home in London. I have just got off a long and delayed flight from Barcelona. (Shout out to London for the heat wave) I thought the summer was almost cancel. 

From relaxing on the Mediterranean Sea in Menorca, admiring nature like never before, revitalized my body and mind with happiness. Trying every local food was amazing for the fact I did not touch cooking while I was in Menorca. ( That is what holiday is about) , my last couple of day in various Spanish island have been truly magical. I spent the whole one week exploring and discovering the true beauty of nature. Below you will find images from various destination i visited. I find it very fascinating visiting a place i have never visited before.
I have been to Barcelona before, (check my blog travel section), but i have not actually dig into the Spanish history, although i have seen movies from Alejandro Fernando Amenábar Cantos and am a huge fan. But there is so much more to that, in fact long list of the Spanish history.

While in Menorca i finally went sailing like a pro, (my swimming skills is a SHAME) , not for the Mediterranean Sea. Baby pool you might say! But if I am honest I love every bit of the experience I had. This is a bucket list ticked for me. Going far and close up to deep waters in the Mediterranean Sea is not a daily experiences or practise. But thanks to the great Spanish men who took care of every one of the sailing boat. Few days in Menorca and we move on to spend the last 24 hours in Marbella on the mainland.

From an ordinary standpoint, Marbella is a true beauty, says by yours truly Sophia. The charming houses mostly painted in white and decorated with beautiful flowers- they are a must photo snap. This is not a tip (proscription from yours truly), it a a place for rich celebrity favourite holiday spot. Even though I only spent 24 hours gazing at every beautiful road and hotels over looking the beach, I felt like yes, i could live there.

Here is the experience of the cocktails  i drank at a bar near Nikki beach. Margarita and mojito are best friends, but you see their different side when a cocktail master in Marbella make you one. The key difference remains the special taste. But they can help you improvise a good relaxing mood straight up.

If you are reading this and thinking this sound boring, you are surely mistaken. The Spanish have so many beautiful Island to visit endlessly. (park your self and head to the Spanish nearest island to see for your self) Thank me later!!!!

Marbella is a pure beauty. I went back to Barcelona to pick up my few items and headed back home to London where the heat is trying to make a statement. (roll eyes)

OK guys i am very tired like a deflatable balloons that’s been blowing up on a daily basis, and not quite sure of the time zone and heat wave difference yet.

I retired to my bed now.

See the rest photos on my Instagram page @thestylegalaxy 

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