Happy Accessorising!

Some days, picking an outfit comes simple; you can envision it in your mind, and it comes to life within minutes. Other days, though, getting dressed can be more of a struggle than we want it to be. And it always seems that the times we need our style sense to work for us most are when nothing seems to be going quite right. Even those of us who work in the fashion field sometimes hit a roadblock when it comes to piecing together the perfect look—it’s part of the creative process, after all.
For when the fashion gods seem to be working against you, a handy list of style-made-easy tips can be the boost you need to break through the clouds of fashion frustration. In many cases, accessories are the defining factor in an outfit. Even if you know what clothing to wear, it’s often the addition of jewelry, a bag and shoes that make your ensemble memorable and unique. Without accessories, even the chicest apparel can seem lackluster. To avoid stressful styling dilemmas, I’ve put together a few tips for accessorising made easy, so that every outfit will have you feeling like the best dressed.
Keep It In The Family
…The colourfamily, that is! Gold baubles look best with warm-toned clothes, as does silver with cooler colours. If you stray too far from the tonal landscape, be careful not to mismatch too closely—instead, contrast with a pop of colour to make it intentional. This article breaks down the colour theory to help you better understand coordinating hues, tints, shades and tones.
Balance The Busy-ness
You don’t want to overwhelm an outfit with too many items within one focal point. I love thistip about accessorising “a ‘busy’ neckline,” which recommends to “opt for no necklace and instead put on beautiful hanging statement earrings.” This will draw the eyes up to your face while also elongating your neck.
Stack For Chic Simplicity
To accessorise while keeping it light, try stacking bangles on one wrist or your rings on one hand. As is suggested here, “opt for understated stacking rings” for a more “directional” option when looking to adorn your hand with something shiny. A stacked wrist or hand is a chic but low-maintenance way to dress a casual outfit.
Happy Accessorising!
Staying true to these three accessory rules will make getting dressed a breeze. When in doubt, remember: colours are best coordinated by scheme, overkill is killer (the bad kind!), and stacking simple details is a steadfast style trick.


Have a lovely week.

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