Wearing white in summer makes sense, because white clothes keeps you more cooler that wearing heavy colours. Now you know the right time to wear one, when the weather warning appear near you.

I am back after a couple of days off from blogging. I have also taken a break from wearing heavy colours, all of a sudden i started shopping for white tops and more, there must be something in the water which i don’t know what it is. But i will find out soon, I have never be that person who wear white that much, simply because i always mistakenly wash my white clothes with a wrong colour top or skirt. That sometimes really give me that (poker face) like what the hell have i done again. But i actually love that crispy and clean look white shirt or top add to any outfit, especially a clean one picked up from the guys department, but i got this one i wore here from the ladies section. 

The interesting thing is that wearing white in summer makes sense, because white clothes keep you cooler than wearing heavy colours. I really don’t have any fashion rules that says wear this less and that more. Fashion rules are nothing but a (suspension) to make people feel worse and bad, i say go ahead and break it, go now break it.
Although my wardrobe before did not include much white habit, but now i can put my hands up and say everything white piece are gradually coming together. Although i find it tacky to wear white after summer, but i am still yet to find that white perfect winter coat i have been searching for in the last couple of years, You must have seen one here and there i am too picky sometimes to find what i actually like. (that is one little secret reveal) 
This was shot before that my camera broke down few weeks ago, i choose to wear a blue pants inside this over size white shirt with orange in the mix, because i was hoping to clash three colours that i have never put together before in a different way. After the shot i just love it all, so here you have it.
Style is always about confidence, not what people are going to think of you, I am never that type of person who worried about if some stranger will like what am wearing or not. Too many things going on in my little head, the last thing i want to think of is who like what and who hate what. 
 WHITE+ORANGE+BLUE = Experiment your own thing as you wish. 


Photos by Jennifer.

Happy Sunday from me to you.

See you soon!!!!

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