We are on a new technology mission and a new fate will be needed to survived. Technological revolution , revolution will get even more revolution.

At home parking for my next journey which will be in a few days time, i am super exited to continue my travel chronicle as there are so many places i am still yet to visit. The list just keep getting longer and longer like my (eyebrows), sometimes i feel like i need to grow wings ASAP so i can fly from point A to point B. 

Here are some photos that never made it to a full blog post, simply because i did not like the way they turn out or i can’t explain why. Sometimes not all photos make it to this blog , they sometimes end up on Facebook or the rest social media page.
Do you also have this same issue not bogging every photos ?



Here is the post i promised the last time: How to grow your Insta *thing* organically.

When i first join Instagram nearly 4 yrs ago, not as crazy as it is today, it was very hard to get likes let alone huge followers for that matter. Except you are a celebrity or have that popular factor to attract people, better sill have the best looking flying photos. I just could not careless if people like or follow.
At some point i watch a link on line on how to grow your followers in a slow way but organically.

Here are some point to consider.

Posting good photos with clear background, don’t  post too much photos in one day, keep it up to 3 photos a day, with 3 to 5 hours interval. Do not post 20 photos in one day.

Acknowledge other people photos if you like it, not everything you have to like and comment, it is up to each individual.This i understand a lot of blogger don’t do this, (the i feel too big culture is to blame). We are all queens and kings!!!

Follow good account with huge followers NOT necessarily a celebrity account, because celebrity don’t know you. They will mainly flood your time line with unnecessary photos.

Ask for a shout out politely if you have been following that person for a long time, for example i follow this two brother account they have 1.9 million followers, they mainly post funny photos, so many time they have given me shout out and i see a huge increase of follower of up to 3k each times.

Post regularly i mean not every day, every two or three days is ok, except you take a lots of photos and have a new one to post everyday.

Refrain from leaving a nasty comment on any photos, you never know where you will meet that person tomorrow. #justsaying

Get ready to deal with the mean comment, it is a part of today’s social medial trends, people think they should tell you how to dress and look, (this is the bottom of the barrel). Just don’t take it personal. Too many politically correctness on Instagram, keyboard thugs. (So many spirit of sad jackers and faceless weak opinionated creatures). The list goes on.

Caption your photo very well with a funny twist, not necessarily telling a long story.

Hash tag, this is a very powerful to use, look for a signature hash tag to use on a regular basis.

Stay away from posting any Fridays drunken session with your friends on social media, you never know who is viewing your page. I get a lot of traffic on Instagram surprisingly.

Create editorial post like Putting your shoes and bag together, it could be your outfit of the day. Also you can post beautiful photos of good building with architecture and flowers. Post anything you generally feel like.

Don’t brag about how fabulous your private jet is and life on track, this put people off, remember we all have our daily struggles. Keep it real. If you  post a photo  that is not yours and you don’t know the owner, use this hash tag #repost

Make friends, be very careful there are some serial and psycho out there, you never know, if you are meeting anyone you know via social media, i suggest you go with a friend and meet in a public place first . like in front of a police station or somewhere like that. Just in case of any smart move. #justsaying

Things will take time to happened, you are not going to have 200k over night!!!  I used to follow an unnamed account, within 3 days i saw 85k followers, i was very shock.

If you follow anyone that post photos that upset you and hate stuff, simply unfollow them.

Do not ever click on any link someone send you via Instagram DM because that is how some account get hack.

Don’t beg people to re-post your photos on their fashion promotion page.I heard from a reliable sources that people pay money to get their photos adverts on some page that feature fashion photos. (This is another level of desperation) #notmycuoftea

Go with the flow, nothing too serious, it is only social media. Try to engage your fan base with good conversation.

There is so much force love on social media, some people feel force to leave a simple nice comment, remember no body is forcing anyone.

Three things to keep away from your social media.

Your love/private life
Your next move

Finally facts, you likes/comments will never equal to the amount of followers you have. Plain simple.

Finally, a big thank you to all my followers, we have now reached 100k plus. 
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Have a lovely week.

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