Back to hat, back to culottes again, and back to chic. 
Every country and island has their own signature building style. In England, houses here are build and design with little red bricks made from clay of various shapes and length, in artistic style. Some of the Island i have been to in Spain, houses are mainly painted with white paint which give a beautiful definition.  on a particular day i went out around the block trying in Menorca to match my top with the paint of the houses and my culottes with the fence, something i almost achieved looking at these photos.

I could hardly look hardly raise my head to face the bloody sun. seriously speaking the sunshine over there is on full (beast mode 247). As much s i like the sunshine, i am not the kind that like to subbed or sun tan, while on holiday but i have caught my self repeating that sun bed main line over again.  the sunshine over there is above my range! It just does not expires. thanks for my boater hat that was extremely useful to me , i practically wore it every day every where go, at a point i started feeling lucky like Pharrell Williams.

This look happened while i was in Spain, a basic style to keep people away from staring like where is the girl going to! I have wore this culottes before and is one of my few piece i really love the soft and coolness of the material, i personally find the versatile in styling, depending how you you prefer to style it. 
Meanwhile somebody once asked me via Instagram direct message if i bought this boater hat because of another black blogger, SHUT UP.  I have been collecting hat of various kind since the last 10yrs which includes vintage and limited collections.. Got that ? I don’t buy and wear my outfit because of another blogger or anybody. #thestylegalaxy 
FYI. I am a freedom advocate, do what you like and be happy. (don’t let anyone stop you)
Seriously some of the question i get on IG, i can tell how some people can’t even get their stupidity on fleek……. (hahahah)
I don’t consider myself or my blog a famous or a successful blog, but sometimes some of the question get is pure CRAZINESS 
See you all soon..

An question ?

Zara pant (old) hat old , heels So Kate 120 mm , Clutch Channel lego (old) 

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