Barbados a breathtaking beauty not to forget! 
Simply the Best. 

If you have been following me on Instagram and twitter, you must have seen some of my Barbados photos and by now sick of the beauty.

Barbados is the famous holiday destination for so many tourist including celebs, the island is small enough to explore in a week. No wonder Barbados is on the top 10 beautiful island to visit for holiday, the weather all year round is hot and sunny. Beautiful sea view around the island, lots of activities and places to see.
Here are some beautiful photos I took while in Barbados, Ian and myself did not stop taking photos from every stops.

On the streets of Barbados their houses are so colourful and cute, painted with various colours like blue, pink, yellow and orange.


Barbadian food tastes so sweet, main fishes are flying fish and Mahi Mahi fish. My speciality was on every side menu, which is fried plantain aka DODO.

Surviving the hot weather 

It was not an easy one, thank God the hotel we stayed air conditioning was very good, it save my life. The heat makes me tired and breathless every time. I am talking burning heat.

Travelling around Barbados 

Private white bus cost 2 barbarian dollars, same price as the public yellow buses own by the local government.The private buses runs frequently and stops anywhere to pick passengers.

On the beach in Barbados 

There is no private beaches, they are all public beaches that means you can stop anywhere around safe area that is not too deep to swim.The beauty of the beach is wonderful, amazing view plus the white sand.


This is the main business in Barbados, the island received visitors from all over and all year round. Lots of hotel and restaurant to accommodate visitors.

The people of Barbados 

This is the part I say OMG. Very respectful people, I could not fault them, the island is very safe and peaceful. Quietly go about you own business, take photos as you like, ask question if you get lost! From the moment we step out of the plane on arrival, I see how everyone is saying welcome to Barbados and having a friendly conversation. Simply the best!


10 , Things to do in Barbados 

Go on a tour around the islands.
Visit Bridgetown the capital city 
Walk around the beaches 
Take photos and documents your journey 
Go on a submarine to see the read deal down the water
Go on a cave tour
Visit the Oistins fish town
Go swim with the turtles
Try eating in different restaurant. 
Relax and unwind that is why it is holiday! 
Barbados is a beauty of its own.
I have so many more photos to share stay tune.
I am back home in London now, back to reality. (Not smiling face)
    Feeling the lovely sea waves. 

 Fresh fishes from the locals who went on early morning fishing. 

    Birthday dinner 
Drinking on my birthday 
  Lunch view. 

A walk along the beautiful beaches. 

 A walk along the beautiful beaches. 

A visit down to a sugar plantation farm above is the price list of slaves sold during the slavery period. Children were sold for ten pounds and adult sold between 20 to 50 pounds, depending on how strong the slaves were doing. 
400 years old pot formally used for sugar processing by slaves. 

A visit to rum factory in Barbados, the have rum older than 10 years old. 

 A visit to an art store 

A trip around the island to various place, standing in the middle of the road drinking coconut water with rum mix. 
The is the location where Caribbean ocean meets Atlantic. 

Photography by Sophia Oshodin and Ian Anderson 

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