Nobody business if you are not into the “big jeans thing” there is something genuinely i find wearing big jeans on a lazy day, more of a rescue plan.You know when the devil wears Prada.
There is something that click together wearing a blue and yellow mash up in this order, blends or no blends I wore this two outfit in the direction of this post. Somewhere between Paris sightseeing and London running around on a different mission with zero sex appeal on the subject matter, while navigating myself from here to there in between different city, the only appeal was to keep comfort in the right direction. More like a repeat offender of wearing anything I can find, especially very early in the morning when I know there will be less passenger on the London underground to take notice of fashion. 

But things get twisted when the lady i sat opposite asked “where did you get your big jeans from” indeed my big jeans i mumble like em hmm i say it was originally a dungaree when I got it not a “big jeans” I did not like it as a dungaree so I put my mini scissor to work on one terrible jobless morning playing with my keyboard. There you go my “big jeans”

“Thank you for your explanation she replied”.

Just when I though nobody will notice my lay back dressing on an almost empty carriage of the train, but I guess there are eyes everywhere to see my so called big jeans. I keep repeating outfit over and over in a roll non-stop, this boyish “big jeans” is on repeat mode 5 days in a roll and still counting. Jennifer “will lose her cool with me if I wear these jeans one more time again, this is not your school uniform she said”.

I am going to say, it is the most comfortable baggy denim to wear and am glad my scissor did a semi-great job. Any outfit that does not need a mega time of  ironing, I say grab and go.Not every time perfection come to play, sometimes that human relaxation mood kick in.

As far as am concern “big jeans” or baggy denim culottes are back in the game for good, i saw some few days ago in river island rack, when a sister was just browsing and NOT going to make any attempt to purchase anything off the smallest price, as the last Paris journey made some serious damages to the bank cards. (silence please)

Haven’t said that, I love anything big and loose in trouser form or shape, more of a rescue plan on a bad lady day. You know when the devil wears Prada anything can happen.

Look 1
Look 2
Look 1 photos by Jennifer 
Look 2 photos by Ian Anderson

Now you know the big jeans story.

Any repeat offenders of wearing a particularly comfortable outfit in the house?

I hope am not alone here.

Clear throat.

I will be back soon…..


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