From magic reindeer dust to jingle bells and a runway for Santa, it was all magical.
Happy holidays guys, hope you had a wonderful time with your loved ones and did not eat yourself out like I did?

We spend Christmas at the Cumberland hotel London, right at the centre of Oxford Street, few doors away from Selfridges and many other shopping stores. The hotel is very easy to locate. It was the second tine we have stayed at the Cumberland, first time I was very impressed, this Christmas rush period I must admit it was not that great. We almost missed our Christmas dinner and a series of other bad services.

On boxing day, it was business as usual in Oxford Street, with lots of people coming from the shopping mall. I could not be bother waking up early to queue up for sale, as much as I want to shop, unfortunately, I like my sleep more than anything. By the time I manage to get ready on boxing day, we went round the parks and back to the winter wonderland. That was pretty much my Christmas and boxing day activities gone so fast. 

Am glad the chaos is over, the Christmas trees and rush to get the gift, all finally over. Now we have another year to wait for another magical Christmas moment. Am back home now getting ready for New Year, I wore this look on boxing day, the weather wasn’t that bad, but the day was somehow dark no sunlight. 

Photos by Ian Anderson

Happy holidays.


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