As the colour spectrum takes a new direction on the wheel, i wont deny most of my clothes are  mainly colourful. Mixing it up and clashing colours together is already yesterday event here on this blog.
I always take risk mixing colours in the opposite direction ( not that type of natural girly person), I think I will even be more colourful this coming season. Colourful cloths are easy to mix and catching to the eyes in a very powerful way, the name of the game this season is going to be a regular dose of super COLOURS. (Also the colours we wear does affect our mood)

Nothing beat a clean and well tailored coloured culottes, this solace London one is still my favourites one today. It is a game changer,  I am looking forward to their next season collection. Here I tried a different combination with an orange top from Zara. 
The last time I wore these culottes on this blog with high wedges, I did say I will try it on with flats, the other day I pulled it out and restyled it with flat shoes, adding a scarf to the details it works! Any shoes practically go with it, playing with different colours on a different scale is very interesting. I just like how it flows sharply and stand out.  

Chanel WOC bag
Photos By Ian Anderson
See you all soon.

Happy weekend.


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