Longest time guys! Here is the second part of the outfit i told you the other time i styled differently in one day. On a Sunday i usually wear one outfit all day and style in in two different form, going to church in the morning different style and outing in the n evening with a slight change. Sunday is a very relaxing day for me and the time to start going through clothes is not there, so i find it easy to restyle my day outfit again.

I am not currently in London at them moment i am somewhere outside London having a weekend holiday break, i will share the details with you in another post later during the week. 
In these photos i wore Zara top and pant with Christian Louboutin So kate which happens s to be one of my most used shoes, nude color goes with pretty much every outfit, i have had to paint the sole and change the heels due to excessive usage. It is very hard to walk in but as soon as you get used to it , it become easy!! A fan said to me you are a heel pro, I don’t think so. It does take a while for me to get used to walking in these heels and my feet get traumatized too. Although i have been a lover of good toe cleavage, also been using heels for a very long time and i sometimes don’t feel the different between new and old shoes. I will advised to try walking in 100mm and you can move your way up to 120 mm or even hot chic 130mm. Haha. Zara does a lots of good shoes in 100mm heels too, also you can always put flats in the car  just in case you get tired of heels. 
I hope you guys are having a good timer as i missed all your blogs. I will be back soon. Love Love and am wishing you all the best of May. 



What i was wearing:
Pants Zara See more here
Heels Christian Louboutin sokate 120mm Try here
Earring from St.Sophia Collection get it here Here


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