When we first see something timeless.
We see elegance.
We see the beauty that capture it all.
 That is why Daniel Wellington is striving for perfection to make every watch complement your outfits.
A few days off work gives me the opportunity to run around in heels and pose like a model, while short dress was an affair in a leg flash moves. I have tried to do everything humanly possible not to expose too much bare legs and flesh, but this particular dress was love at first sight.I did not consider the amount of semi  exposure of everything including boobies. During the photo session those jiggle almost fell on the ground, (God forbid) the boobies deal was not included in this dress style. This is not simply cool enough.
This is actually the first time i have a suede dress in this particular colour, which i have worn 3 days in a row styled in various ways. 
Fast forward the conversation to the watch details:
Daniel wellington watches is one of those classic piece i have always loved and i already owned a pair i got sometimes ago in a different style, you must have seen it here on this blog. When it comes to classic stylish watch with masculine details who can resist ?, “perfectly craft ” i usually wink a sexy hello.

This particular watch comes with a cool blink factor like (strawberry and cream) perfect for every occasion, a watch perfectly made to match any outfit except for (pyjamas). Needless to say that the DW entire collection is powered by classic beauty, with exceptional design. Their product has everything you need to add to your look.

As far as Daniel wellington watches are concerned, i must tell you that compliment flow on both side as you walk on the street. From the packaging to delivery you simply get the best value for a luxury watch, for another beautiful fact that this very one match my skin tone. I am all in.
Double high FIVE to the DW team for focusing on quality details. (thank you) I love this watch.


Get the watch  here  on their site using my promotion code, thestylegalaxy to get 15% off on any watches till September.
Photos by Jennifer.
I am outta here is almost midnight.
See you all again soon. 

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