When a culottes is not just a thing, but babe you need to double take that because this is the queen of the perfect cut culottes.  
There is always something interesting I find in great piece. Solace London culottes take me back to the 70s ( my mum wore a big trouser like this back in 70s ) , old styles resurface again in a slightly twisted form now called culottes. Guys I am officially hook. I love culotte that scream attention inside the wardrobes! ( wear me every day) this is precisely what happen in one of my eye catching on line hunting. Solace London culottes are what ladies must have, can be worn for all season.

I like the attention to the details and the cutting of this particular culottes. Wearing this need a very high heels to go with. I have had to pull out one of my old wedges very high ( like a mini ladder ) , but you know, never say never to pulling this off in flat shoes. As yo can see from the first photo standing in front of the sea, i wore flats to save my life climbing those rocks. Photos were taken in Spain with the help of a lovely not so photographer genius person. 

Little update why i have not fined a perfect tie to update this blog, is because i have been busy running around appointment and lots of emails to catch up to, the nightmaring of waking up early to kick the hustle going makes me a flat out at the end of the day. 

Culottes solace London, wedges old from tkmax, Top from tkmaxx, clutch Lego Chanel

OK guys hope to see you all soon..

One more thing, culottes now on sale, just click the link to the site.


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