The super layering season start right now, get into the grove of layering effect. With frequent layering to come in this fall season, i love say i am really looking forward to my best season of doubling things up from different layering mood. 

Summer was a thing of yesterday and it happened in a blink of an eye, well autumn is officially upon us and as the leaves started falling from the trees beautifully, I am already feeling the vibe of stepping into the cooler days with layering on top of layering, which start right here on this blog, you would agree with me that the season is appropriate for the layering to commence.
What I really like about the layer season is, nobody knows if my jumper or trouser is ironed or not the coats do a good covering of everything without any (troubculousis) to consider. (yes is OK not to be perfect all the time) I don’t like ironing either it drives me nut.  
From my perspective I feel the cold days are the best time you see the best dress and style in various blogs and magazine, with less exposure of bear legs and all of that. I am really looking forward to the classic crispy coat of all colours. My conversation in the last weeks with friends is all about fall and planning, not only that, it is the time of the season I get to drink more teas without finishing the sugar in the house in one day. (I am a tea type)

Even though I am yet to sort out things like my coat and jacket that need dry cleaning hospital, I am hoping to sort them out soon before the cold hit home. I manage to sort and clean the boots the other day.

Small talk about extra-long pants: 

I wore the dress on top of extra-long pants only one day the weather play up in Paris. As I am a very short person I have never been very much into wearing extra-long pants, in most case I don’t even find my size or sometimes simply too long. I mainly find the ones Perfect for girls with extra-long legs. But when I checked the length measurement of this on one before I bought it, I thought with some extra high heels, I will work something out. I score this from Asos sometime ago and never really wore them that much, I pulled it out while in Paris. 

Bag  Chanel WOC 
Photos by Ian Anderson


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