The weekend is not just enough. 


I have been so buzzing with London manic of recent, with the energy I didn’t even know I have. One of the most (hell I made it) weeks so far was just last week full of nightmares from point to scale, with a less sexy look and whipping sleepless eyes. Somehow one of the days last week I found myself in central London looking more of a tourist than a citizen. People doing their own thing, from a fast walker to the one running around you could probably mistake everyone for a tourist. Getting on the train and getting off while trying to mind the gap, the other lady looking at the map and slightly confused looking for the direction to Jubilee line or perhaps she should be looking for Central line, which we both had a small talk about and later both of us beaming with confused human faces like that of the hunted and the hunter. You know London is a legendary for everything. CCTV eye on us, it’s ridiculous I say, I never seen any other country with the amount of CCTV we do here in London. New York maybe? London is packed with lots of restaurants to eat from and the multiculturalism is something I am grateful for, so many reasons why London is one of the most culturally vibrant cities in the world.

The beauty of London city haven’t gone anywhere, the city remains unchanged with daily hustle and bustle minus the crazy Friday night drunken behaviours (I was part of it the other Friday) I am sorry I think you understand what I mean. In case you don’t here it is, we eat fish and chip every Friday and hang out with friends Friday night for the extras and karaoke fun. (now you know)

Yesterday I discover another super blazing restaurant in London, the chandelier makes matter worst as I could not stop looking. the food is just is an explosion, you know I have a special thing for fish and lobster, I even woke up this morning with the food effect still in my system. ( bloody hell is Monday again) I wish the weekend did not just end so quick, sometimes I feed like I need an extra day or weekend extension that should be called (extra day), something to put an easy track to my usual Sunday rush rush.

Don’t you feel sometimes we need an extra day after Sunday?

Below are some of the photos I collected from last week and previous week in London   

All photos taken by me.
Photo 1  wearing my Zara boots and YSL bag i got from Paris
Photo 2 at home with fresh flowers from the local market , Stuart Weitzman shoes and of course macaroons 
photo 3 Admiring a display bed from Zara home store
photo 4 I spend the evening at London cutty sark and took a photos of the famous cutty sark
photo 5 home library with a display of my Zara shoes and ysl bag
photo 6 the restaurant chandeliers, 7 food and afters. 
See you all soon.
One more thing, i played around with the blog design the other sleepless night. 

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