Baby, its flare here AKA bell bottom

I am currently battling my way through Christmas chaos and have just managed to sort out the Christmas tree with the help of Ian. The spirit of Christmas is already up and running, the beauty is mainly in central London though, those oxford street Christmas lights are purely magical. In my local area, the street Christmas lights is less impressive. They lack serious Christmas “thing” to say the least.

Small flare pants talk:

Fast forward to holiday photos: I must admit it did took a while for me to find he perfect flare pants, these days when I don’t find any particular pants or top I like. I have learned not to shop, wait until i find something i genuinely like. Flare pants are deliciously hot, just the perfect wardrobe staple without a style fuss. Flare pants come with a style statement of its own. Zara flare is the ultimate style fast track to being the flare style chic. Perfect tailoring with good material quality, even Santa will approve it for your Christmas ideal gift.

Personal styling:

Since I already wore flare it was easier for me to make the whole outfit look completely a flare affair, my top wasn’t flared but loose. With the help of my old white belt, the top was pretty much flaring.
Yellow bag to add a colourful touch to the look, those heels are my most wore black pump Pigalle.

Photos by Ian Anderson. 


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