Personal style may not be what the general public will accept. But its OK. 

 Oscar-winning costume designer Jenny Beavan could not care less about what anyone think of her outfit, from the recent Oscar ceremony. It’s her personal style that is why she doesn’t seem too bothered about what anyone thinks of her fashion sense.Those calling her a “bag lady”, cannot even fake a moon landing let alone dress to impress. 
Its is called personal style for a reason because it truly connects with you and your attitude towards mixing various clothing together to create something particular. 
When you know your personal style and own it, no matter how someone will try to change you, your personal style signature will reflect.
Style and attitude go hand in hand together, you can wear a shrunken top and still look super stylish. While someone else can wear a Valentino dress of 5k and look questionable. It is all in the concept.
The personal style just doesn’t happen like that all of a sudden, adjusting to what really suit an individual is one ingredient to add.
To understand your own personal style, first know what you want. Learn how to switch things up trying a different look, find your fit from many. Learn to wear your outfits without any apology, go for what suits your shape. True style takes a time to master, after lots of mistakes, not following trends or fashion rules.
Stand your ground with whatever the hell you wear, do not subscribe to I want the public or people to like my look if people don’t like it, they can bugger off.

Coat Mango
Photos by Jennifer 

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